40 Learning Quotes That Will Inspire You

I think even Einstein was very negative about the education. No wonder it is worse in Korea. Everybody is studying to enter a good university. That is very absurd. Within 10 years, some people predict the half of the university … Continue reading

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How to get image from OKMindmap

OKMindmap is a great web based mindmap. It provides many different format conversion and import/export functions. Because it use many kind of different API for other service integration, sometimes it is not easy to catch up other service or standard … Continue reading

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Moodle 3.1 Competency Framework

From version 3.1, Moodle supports Competency framework. This allows a admin to create or import competency framework of his own. A course can not be exactly matched to a competency. It rather matches with a certain combination of learning outcomes … Continue reading

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Moodle for Developing Country: Uzbek-Korea OSS Forum 2016

I visited Uzbekistan this July and talked about using Moodle & OSS for education. The presentation was quiet satisfactory. So, I would like to share the content on my blog. Here is the video.

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Using Wiki in Moodle

Wiki is an amazing tool for education. I tried to use Moodle Wiki activity for my convergence design class. Students are asked to make something combining 3D printed structure, Arduino, and electrical machine. They are asked to journal their activity … Continue reading

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Moodle quiz (Drag & Drop, Simple Calculation type)

Moodle quiz functionalities are very improved. Among them, I frequently use Drag & Drop quiz and Simple Calculation quiz. Text and images can be viewed and dragged in right position. Simple Calculation can be applied to a variety of formulas, on which numbers … Continue reading

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Robots have come this far

Golfing Robot (Hall in one) Goal Keeper Robot with Messi Ninja Robot

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Chrom Browser useful apps and extensions

I am a chrome mania. This tool upgrade your skill and efficiency. There are so many functions useful for education. Some of the chrome apps are dictator, math formula, geogebra, and chrome extensions are short url and QR-code generator, advertisement … Continue reading

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Seeing and hearing are blessings

I think we take it granted to listen and hear. But it is surely blessings. These videos show that how those babies happily surprised with the first voice and sight. We must thank for what seems to be granted in everyday life.

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Moodle GUI revolution

In general, it is said  that Moodle is hard to use, because of the GUI complexity. In my personal opinion, it is not that complicated considering that it has been developed for more than 10 years. With investment of a little time, Moodle can be used without difficulty. However, in order to use a lot of features of Moodle in a various situations, it is natural to spent fair amount of time to be an expert user.

Below is the video of iMooc service of Carrot English. It has been developed recently by JinoTech. The service is for English learning. The trace of Moodle is hard to find. Teachers still can use old Moodle GUI for activity generation, but the students can see the simple page consists of two Moodle activities. This customizability shows new horizon of Moodle adoption. Enjoy following video.

CarrotMoodleEn from Won Ho on Vimeo.

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